TSL Hand Sanitiser 5ltr 80% Alcohol

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TSL Hand Sanitiser 5ltr 80% Alcohol

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This 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser enables individuals to quickly and effectively clean their hands to control germs and prevent viruses such as flu spreading in the likes of workplaces, airports, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums, schools and leisure centres. Hygiene experts all agree that to kill most viruses, a hand sanitiser requires at least 60%+ alcohol content. This product is supplied in five-litre bottles and helps to conserve water as the user simply rubs the sanitiser all over the surfaces of their hands until they are dry. This alcohol-based hand sanitiser is proven to kill 99.9% of germs whilst providing a faster method than washing hands with soap and water. It offers a convenient cleansing alternative to combat infection and help people stave off viruses, cold and seasonal flu when a sink is not readily available.

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  • Size - 5ltr
  • Colour - Clear
  • Material - Alcohol