Square Single Thick Silver Cut Edge 152mm (6″)

Product Code: EMC75CTA
Manufacturer Code: CSS6

Square Single Thick Silver Cut Edge 152mm (6″)

25x / box


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Cake cards are great alternative to thick cake drums, ideal for light sponge cakes and in between stacked cake tiers. Cake cards range in thickness from 1.1mm and 3mm thick and are available in cut edge and turn edge styles! The "cut edge" cake cards are the thinnest available, these are great for small sponges and light cakes, but nothing heavier as they're quite flexible. Cut edge means the edge of the card has a raw edge with no foil covering. Turned edge has a foil covering the face and over the edge too.

Technical details

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  • Dimensions (mm) - 152
  • Dimensions (inch) - 6
  • Colour - Silver
  • Material - Square