Pie Plates 169x122x14mm (Foil Platters) – Boxed 1500

Product Code: EMCRD31

🗸 Excellent conductivity: temperature stable
🗸 Non-toxic
🗸 Odourless
🗸 Moisture resistant

1500x / box

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Pie Plates 169x144x14mm (Foil Platters) are a great eco-friendly food packaging solution and widely recyclable. Our foil containers are sustainable and a great alternative to plastic. Foil Platter Our foil containers are perfect for those needing a container for baking, catering services, desserts and many other uses. They are able to remain rigid in the oven, are 100% recyclable, and offer high levels of heat resistance. Trays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and colours, they can also be heat-sealed with peelable film. Wrinklewall containers can also be used in all microwave ovens. Our full range of pie foil are made from sturdy aluminium and are oven safe, able to stand high temperatures, and keeps food warm for longer.

    1. 🗸 Excellent conductivity: temperature stable
    1. 🗸 Non-toxic
    1. 🗸 Odourless
    1. 🗸 Moisture resistant
Our various range of Baking Foil Trays (Aluminium Trays) are ideal for bakeries, baking manufacturers, takeaway food, street food and catering industries (Catered Events and Canteens).
    1. • Reheated & Grilled
    1. • Cost-effective
    1. • Easily stackable
    1. • Suitable for Food display

Technical details

In depth Product Information

  • Size - 169x122x14mm
  • Colour - Silver
  • Material - Aluminium