2 Compartment Foil Tray 205x135x30mm – Boxed 500

Product Code: EMC7108

🗸 Excellent conductivity: temperature stable
🗸 Non-toxic
🗸 Odourless
🗸 Moisture resistant

Compartment Foils
500x / box

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Our foil containers are perfect for those needing a container for baking, catering services, desserts and many other uses. They are able to remain rigid in the oven, are 100% recyclable, and offer high levels of heat resistance. Trays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and colours, they can also be heat-sealed with peelable film. Wrinklewall containers can also be used in all microwave ovens. 2 Compartment Foils 205x135x30mm Liddable (Foil Tray) is a great eco-friendly food packaging solution and widely recyclable. Both foil containers and the lids are sustainable and a great alternative to plastic. Our full range of Compartment Trays (Tray Bake | Takeaway Foil) are made from sturdy aluminium and are oven safe, able to stand high temperatures, and keeps food warm for longer. 🗸 Excellent conductivity: temperature stable 🗸 Non-toxic 🗸 Odourless 🗸 Moisture resistant   Our various range of Baking Foil Trays (Aluminium Trays) are ideal for bakeries, baking manufacturers, takeaway food, street food and catering industries (Catered Events and Canteens). • Reheated & Grilled • Cost-effective • Easily stackable • Suitable for Food display

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  • Size - 205x135x30mm
  • Colour - Silver
  • Material - Aluminium