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Our takeaway packaging (Take-Out Containers) is also designed to be very easy to eat from, effectively holding the food and presenting your food attractively. From hot cups, food boxes, salad boxes, sandwich packaging, to deli pots, soup containers, food sampling and ice cream cups, we’ll have the perfect packaging to suit the needs of your business.

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      Food Packaging ▽

      We are a food packaging specialist who care about our planet. There are many environmental benefits from using compostable packaging. It requires less carbon to produce, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and produces no toxins as it breaks down. That’s why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly products, which are recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable and which suit most foodservice needs, whether that be serving a burger or fish and chips at festivals in food trays or delivering catering foods in boxes.

      Takeaway food packaging ‘on the go’ is an essential part of many start-up businesses in the catering sector and our experienced professionals are able to advise and support start-up caterers, as well as the growing restaurants. Checkout our website or feel free to contact our concierge team on:
      Tel: 0161 775 3737

      Food Box ▽

      These high-quality food boxes are one of the most durable products available in the food service industry today.

      Our food boxes are leak and grease resistant being 100% compostable as well as biodegradable. They are microwaveable and are easily assembled and simply stacked. They are also easy to use which means they are ideal for any catering environment.

      Add our eco-friendly food box to your takeaway/food to go service and why not consider creating your own bespoke printed kraft box to increase your brand impression – just contact usfor more information.

      These food boxes are available in both cardboard and microflute which will help your customer easily handle hot and cold, wet, or dry foods. Additionally, these products will help you keep your food fresher for much longer.

      Food boxes are available with different lid designs, which include the four-flap integrated lid allowing for safe stacking while protecting the contents from being crushed – a hinged lid food box that is 100% user-friendly.

      Pizza Boxes ▽

      The pizza box has been one of the most popular takeaway pizza boxes in the market since the rise of the popularity of pizza menus in local pubs as well as the existing night trade takeaways.

      Our Disposable Pizza Boxes are available in a wide range of popular sizes from 7” to 16”. With high grease and moisture resistance, these takeaway boxes allow you to keep your pizza fresh, hot longer, remain crispy and provide effective protection with their sturdy cardboard & Kraft construction. Available in:

      🗸 Classic Printed Kraft Pizza Boxes
      🗸 Classic Printed White Pizza Boxes
      🗸 Plain Kraft Pizza Boxes
      🗸 Custom-Printed Pizza Boxes– here

      These pizza boxes are all made from a high-quality corrugated board, 100% food safe, and with reward-winning quality for particular models.

      Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes

      Our compostable Pizza Boxes are made from 100% sustainable source materials, these recyclable takeaway boxes are compostable, giving your customers a 100% guilt-free takeaway.

      Custom Printed Pizza Boxes | Bespoke Pizza Boxes

      If you are looking for something a little different, or a unique branded food packaging (unique printed packaging) that here, RawPac, are your choice:
      🗸 Bespoke Pizza Boxes– here
      🗸 Bespoke Hot Cups– here
      🗸 Bespoke Greaseproof Paper– here
      🗸 Bespoke Stickers– here

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