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Our range of hot cups are available in a number of different styles and sizes and are also made from plant-based, compostable materials. Cup & Lid Guide >>

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Hot Cup | Paper Cups | Disposable Cups

A wide range of top-quality Hot Cup (paper cups) and disposable cups with fitted lids are available to order both online and offline with our best after-sales service and next-day delivery! Our disposable cups are designed for both hot, cold drinks and soup to go. Suitable for café, festive market stall, coffee shop, takeaway shop.

Sizes: 4oz hot cups | 6oz hot cups | 8oz hot cups | 12oz hot cups | 16oz hot cups | 20oz hot cups
Types: Double Wall Cups | Single Wall Cups | Embossed Double-Wall Cups
Colours: White Paper Cups | Brown Kraft Paper Cups | Designer/Colour-Printed Paper Cups
Custom Printed Cups: Available + Small MOQ

Biodegradable Cups

Our biodegradable cup is different from the Recyclable paper cups that some company claims are similarly eco-friendly. In terms of environmental benefits, the best biodegradable material will naturally break down quickly rather than take years, by bacteria, heat, oxygen, moisture, or light. It saves landfill space and handling resources.

Responds to Climate Change – we are on a sustainable path, order real eco-friendly food packaging and treat our earth nicer.

Compostable Paper Cups

Our Compostable Paper Cups available in a large range and made from plant-based materials including the lining. It is ultimate eco cups and different to the traditional paper cups. Read more here – Is Paper Compostable?

What cups fit your business?

Talk to our team to find out more details about our takeaway cup, biodegradable paper cup, compostable paper cup or recyclable cup that fit your business the most.

Check out our best sellers and custom printed cups for more option.

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