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Clam Shells

Our Clam Shells are made from different sustainable sources, like paper board, bagasse, or recycled material. The approved food grade paper packaging/bagasse food packaging prevents grease stains, retains the heat of hot food and absorbs moisture. Perfect to serve your burgers or meal on the go. Both large and standard burger box are available.

Both Bagasse and cardboard Clam Shells are biodegradable and compostable. It is microwaveable and can also be used to serve cold foods. The burger boxes we supply are rigid, heat resistant, leak proof. Our burger boxes are designed for takeaway and delivery. They are ideal for transporting burgers from your restaurant to your customer.

Compostable Burger Box – A Green Option!

✓ Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable

✓ Perfect size for burger, pies or small fries

✓ Flat-pack and easy-fold or nestable (easy assembly)

✓ Retains heat

✓ Leakproof

This compostable Clam Shells is made from corrugated cardboard, making it an eco-friendly choice for takeaway or food delivery. It offers three green disposable options, as the packaging is compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

The takeaway food container comes flat packed for effective storage but it is very simple and quick to fold. When folded it’s an ideal size for burgers or pies and as it’s made from corrugated cardboard it will retain heat, while the ventilation holes at the top will stop the food from going moist. There’s also no need to worry about grease, sauce or even water damaging the box, as all types of our food boxes are completely leak-proof. Plus, the material is breathable!

Sustainable Source Clam Shells

This biodegradable Clam Shells is a comprehensive solution for offering takeaway food in packaging that will protect its contents, as well as the environment. These credentials reflect that in an industrial composting site, this item will break down (commercially compostable) in 12 weeks.

Personalised Burger Box!

Enhance your brand awareness and stand out from the crowd by customizing this packaging with a logo or personalized label (bespoke sticker). To enquire about our personalized food packaging, please give us a ring on 0161 775 3737 or message us on

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