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Flow Wrap Film

Plain single wound reels, for all your packaging needs.

Flow Wrap Film

    Single-wound reels are commonly used with various machines including flow wrappers, either horizontal or vertical form-fill-seal machines (HFFS or VFFS), over wrappers and bag-making machines.

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    At RawPac we have a wide range of plain single wound reels that are commonly used in the bakery and catering industries available ex stock.

    The specification of our ex stock single wound reels is 25 micron BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene Films) supplied on reels of 1500 metres; reels are overwrapped for protection, and are available in a number of widths. We can also arrange for thicker film on request up to 50 micron.


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    Shelf life extension: Among all other commonly used plastic films, BOPP films provides excellent moisture barrier & its metallised variant provides better oxygen barrier to product. Both these properties of BOPP films play a key role in food packaging to extend the shelf life of products & thus reduce food waste.


    Product quality: Apart from barrier properties, BOPP film provides consistent and excellent seal integrity and good heat seal strength, lower seal initiation temperature, broad sealing window and good machinability further benefits into food packaging industry for protecting food quality.

    Sustainability: BOPP film has a relatively low carbon footprint as compared to other plastic films substrate such as polyester. After cellulose film, BOPP Film is the second most preferred substrate for its ecofriendly nature in flexible food packaging. Because of its low melting point, it requires lower energy to convert from one form to other. Reprocessed granules of BOPP resin are widely used to manufacture injection molded parts, household items like sitting mats, chair, table, automobile spares etc.


    Aesthetic / Graphics: Excellent transparency in clear BOPP films allows providing high level of aesthetic appeal to product packaging. Half tone printing jobs with multi colour printing are also carried out with ease on this film for high quality graphics. In white opaque film variant, excellent gloss, high opacity and superb whiteness provides an attractive look to product packaging. Metalized film variety gives superior metallic appearance to stand out your product on the shelf. Because of good surface tension, post lamination operations like foil stamping, UV spot coating and embossing could be carried out to enhance aesthetic look of product packaging.

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    9.5 out of 10

    Great range, great customer service and we love the fact that these products are compostable it is so easy to dispose of them with our food waste! Guests also really like the fact that we are making an effort to look after the environment – would recommend.

    Crown Plaza Oxford road, Manchester | Food & beverage operations manager

    Raw Pac are doing an excellent job and offer the most competitive rates available. Their service is second to none and the quality of their products is exactly what we were looking for. I would recommend Raw pac to anyone looking for packaging made from plants. Going forward after all its all about sustainability!.

    Candice Davies | General Manager, Bettaveg Ltd

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